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Jul 3

Pamela Adlon has been doing voice work for almost 20 years now.

Time After Time
DJ Sammy

Jun 6
Jun 2

Threadless: The ’90s Are All That’ Challenge Winners

I first heard “Buddy Holly” when I was pretty young, maybe 8 or 9. My family had just bought our first clunky desktop computer featuring Windows 95. The PC came with some seemingly random media already on it: pictures of clouds and butterflies, elevator tunes, a few pieces of classical music, and for whatever reason, the music video for “Buddy Holly.” I remember watching it over and over because it was the only video on the computer and I needed something to listen to while playing Minesweeper and creating beautiful works of “art” on Microsoft Paint.

- Ali Donohue on “Buddy Holly” for The Blue Album’s 20th Anniversary

is your mouth watering?

is your mouth watering?

May 1

the classiqs

don’t talk to me i’m busy

don’t talk to me i’m busy

Amber - This Is Your Night

90’s Eurodance. I’m makin a playlist:

  • La Bouche - Be My Lover
  • La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
  • No Mercy - Where Do You Go
  • Real McCoy - One More Time
  • Real McCoy - Runaway
  • Real McCoy - Another Night
  • Real McCoy - Automatic Lover
  • Sonique - It Feels So Good
  • Modjo - Lady
  • Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer
  • ATC - All Around The World
  • Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
  • Haddaway - What Is Love

The early 2000’s were fucking terrible.

Throwback Thursday: PC Gaming

Mar 6